you have purchased an old watch on eBay, inherited a watch from a family member, or discovered a extremely good deal at an antique keep. It needs provider or repair. For the maximum part, carrier for vintage watches is dealt with remotely from a repairer’s website storefront (except you’re one of the few which have a watch restore save close to you). when you touch the repair individual, usually the first order of business is identifying the watch. What records do you need that will help you discover your antique pocket watch or wrist watch? here is some key facts that you may reap (for American Watches):

The name at the dial: maximum watches are identified at the dial (or face) of the watch with the agency name, (i.e. Elgin, Waltham…). despite the fact that, Jewellery repair West Midlands some watches can be marked with the call of the Jeweler, or not marked at all at the dial.

the dimensions of the watch: American pocket watch length is indicated by way of a single variety (18s), or quite a number observed with the aid of a -zero (3-0). ecu watches have been usually sized in Millimeters, or lignes (suggested lines). A ligne is two.26 mm.

the following is a list of common American watch sizes and the equivalent in millimeters:

20s- 46.56mm
18s-44.86 mm
16s-forty three.18 mm
14s-41.forty eight mm
12s-39.seventy eight mm
10s-38.10 mm
8s-36.forty mm
6s-34.70 mm
0s-29.sixty two mm
three/0s-27.94 mm
when you are taking this size, degree the watch at the width of the face, now not the case.

motion identity: If are relaxed with starting the watch which will view the works (movement), this could help in identification. With a “full plate” movement no gears could be visible, and the handiest running element you can see is the balance wheel. In a “partial plate” movement, you will be able to see a few or all of the gears (wheels). A three fingered motion has three distinguished flat bars in a row.

Serial number- The serial number is stamped directly at the motion, now not the case. This number could be helpful in figuring out the movement type. additionally, many watches had the model or grade range stamped on the movement, as is the case with Hamilton watches.

Case type: A case fabric is commonly either silver or gold coloured. The silver shade is often a base steel, or a fabric referred to as silveroid, or coin silver (an alloy of nickel, copper and manganese). If it is actual silver, the metal is typically tarnished to a dark gray color (unless polished lately). A gold coloured case is usually gold fill (gold with a brass fill), or stable gold. If it is strong gold, additionally it is stamped with a karat cost.

A case can be open on the front (“open face”), or it can have a cowl that opens whilst you push on the stem, known as a “hunter case.”

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