It is not easy selecting your art supplies. Among the primary problems is the fact that there are plenty of different choices available. Additionally, it is not easy selecting paints. If you have never colored before, which would you choose? This information will concentrate on Pouring medium’. There are plenty of things that set the 2 apart. Selecting the best for you involves knowing about each one of these and deciding which suits your requirements best.

Touching Your Painting And Drying Time

If you wish to have the ability to re-work your painting, you need to opt for acrylics. They are much more opaque and therefore are much simpler to control. They dry very rapidly and therefore are very forgiving. It is easy to return and proper an error with acrylics, whereas it’s harder with watercolors’.

Though watercolors’ can dry rapidly if you use a hairdryer, their nature causes it to be hard to touch your painting up. If you wish to have the ability to correct yourself in the process, it is best to stick to acrylics.

Mixing Colours

If you wish to mix your colours around the canvas, watercolors’ are the type to choose. They’re super easy to combine and blend together effortlessly. Acrylics could be mixed similarly to watercolors’, but watercolors’ are the easiest to combine. However, mixing watercolors’ an excessive amount of can lead to works of art searching unclear and brown.

Painting Large Areas

Watercolors are ideal for painting large areas. For those who have a sizable space that does not always need a ton of detail, watercolors’ covers it nicely. Mixing a tube of watercolor paint with water makes it cover a sizable area – a minimum of several yards, actually. If you prefer a large amount of detail everywhere and wish to give consideration equal focus on every area of the painting, acrylics are most likely best.


With acrylics it’s not hard to tell in which the brush continues to be. Painting with acrylics leaves brushstrokes around the canvas, whereas painting with watercolors’ does not leave brushstrokes. Should you paint with watercolors, it makes sense a painting that appears much more fluid and organic. Some like brushstrokes to become visible within the works of art, while some don’t.


Whether it’s simply dependent on money, you need to opt for watercolors since they’re usually cheaper. It is because they last considerably longer than acrylics – you should use several tubes of acrylic paint on one painting however with watercolors you typically don’t make use of up a complete tube. Additionally you have no need for much equipment to color with watercolors’. If you are a novice it’s wise to begin with the basics and purchase more equipment – and much more costly paints – as you become well informed with painting.

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