yes you may choose among thirteen different colors and 4 types (instantly, wave, curly or afro).

if you are not satisfied with the colour, you can order a unique one earlier with your hair loss clinic. You must additionally word that they can be dyed as this bio well suited fibre may be paint.

What are the disadvantages of Biofibre Hair Implant?

one of the most important risks of Biofibre hair implant is the truth that, as implanted hair is a foreign material, the frame commonly fights towards it. This takes place due to the fact the pores and skin is the main barrier towards outside damages (scalp in this case), it’s far continually lively and irrespective of how properly these fibers are constructed or how bio-well matched they may be, the patient’s pores and skin cells and immune system will try to dispose of them.

another crucial downside of Biofibre hair implant is the reality that as the healthcare professional must carry out a tiny hollow at the scalp to later anchor the implant with a knot on the deep scalp fascia, the incision acts as a connection between the pores and skin and deeper layers, so the patient can develop a intense infection.

every other disadvantage of Biofibre hair implant is that the patient typically loses between five and 10% of the transplanted fibers in line Hair implant Biofibre prices & costs with year due to the fact they tend to get damaged and, as they do no longer develop up, they want to get replaced with a brand new surgical treatment.

it’s also essential to spotlight that a drawback of acting a 2nd system of Biofibre hair implant is that even if the fibers smash, the knot remains below the pores and skin, so the physician can’t use the exact same vicinity to place a new synthetic hair. sooner or later, every other disadvantage of this procedure is the fact that the patient can increase tiny scars that will be everlasting.

How is Biofibre Hair Implant carried out?
The Biofibre Hair Implant is normally finished with the aid of the use of local anesthesia to location synthetic hair into the affected person’s head without pain. it’s miles important to realize that this method is a much less invasive surgery than conventional hair transplant because it doesn’t require removing a few areas of the scalp to be able to be used as donors, so the surgeon must perform minimal incisions simply in the receiving regions.

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